At its simplest level XLRNT will handle your “To Do” list, helping to keep you organised. Everything you do in business, or even in life, is a task. And XLRNT can help you manage 1000’s of tasks simply, and efficiently.

You can also think of XLRNT as a tool to handle the process of finding a new lead, turning that lead into a prospect, converting the prospect to a customer and then managing the customer experience to generate a new sales lead and starting the process again.

At its most sophisticated level, it is a multi-dimensional Business Process Management engine. It enables an organisation to build focussed, powerful, fully secured, CRM, Task and Project Management and Workflow Processes, to control and manage the entire business function, across a single or multiple enterprises. With XLRNT you can accomplish so much, within the one application all linked to the one set of data. You can even use the inbuilt VOIP telephony to make calls!

In a nutshell, XLRNT provides everything you need to run the day to day tasks of your business, whatever that business is.


Accessing XLRNT

Being web browser based, XLRNT can be deployed world-wide, across an organisation’s entire workforce – or all stakeholders, including customers and the supplier base, enabling complete “joined-up” working for the life of a project, across all stakeholders of the project.

With XLRNT you can accomplish so much, within the one application. All linked to the one set of data, and fully “joined-up”. You can even use the inbuilt VOIP telephony to make phone calls!


Try XLRNT For Free

Still not convinced? Then simply click on the Sign Up link at the top of the page and register for your free XLRNT account. You will be able to explore all the functionality of XLRNT with a free amount of credits. After that, all you need to do is top up your XLRNT account.

No contracts, no annual commitment, just pay as you use. You can even leave your XLRNT account dormant then come back to it later!