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XLRNT goes beyond simple contact management, it encompasses the entire life cycle of a prospect, helping turn that prospect into a customer and then nurturing that relationship to produce repeated business. XLRNT allows you to build relationships between not just people and places, but also tasks for those contacts, leads associated with their companies, documentation, sales information, projects, resources and much  more. XLRNT allows you to schedule meetings with other XLRNT users and external contacts, finding free time for all parties and places. XLRNT will send out automated invites, to both internal and external invitees, who can then accept or decline the invites using their own XLRNT login or via a link within the invite email. XLRNT brings together a wide set of features usually found in separate applications and brings them all into one accessible, web based, application.

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The main components of XLRNT are:

  • Contact Management
  • Tasks and Projects
  • Sales Management
  • Resources and Bookings
  • Company Calendars
  • Data Security
The full XLRNT suite of products also includes: Stock Management, Warehousing, Sales and Purchase Ledgers, and a Membership Management system For more information please use the Contact Us link at the top.

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