Sales Management

The XLRNT Sales Management tool is a sales and lead-tracking Web based application. XLRNT is also admirably suited to track and manage most business processes, where security, audit tracking and multiple project management are crucial. Unlike most other software offerings, XLRNT does not force organisations to adapt their internal processes to fit in with the solution. You can create a complete Sales Campaign, handling the entire sales process from lead capture, through qualification, opportunity, sale to post sales follow up. If your company’s sales process does not need full campaign management, that’s fine too, as XLRNT lets you handle ad-hoc sales leads within the task management system

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The XLR Data Hub

The XLR Data Hub allows you to quickly purchase relevant leads for your next campaign. Normally, it is difficult for startups to do a small marketing campaign, as most data suppliers have a minimum order value of £1,000’s worth of data – far too much for a small business to process and respond to in one go.  The new XLR Datahub provides small businesses with the ability to compete with the big boys, without paying out large sums. If you just want to purchase 50 records, you can with the XLRNT Datahub! Our email data comprises of approximately 1.4 million email contacts into over 600,000 companies and is selectable against: Job Role, Company Turnover, Sic Code, Location, Employee Band Width and many more categories. Email type can be personalised, generic or both. Our data is constantly being added to through reciprocal agreements with established business partners and our own personal marketing campaigns. Our data is cleansed every month, allowing us us to maintain unsubscribed lists and procures the removal of hard bounces. Also, offline data is sent to third party partners on a quarterly basis to remove gone-away’s  as well as maintain the postal files and telephone numbers wherever possible to ensure validity.

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