eMail Marketing

XLRNT has an inbuilt eMail marketing tool that allows you to send out eMails to any of your leads or contacts complete with personalised landing pages and click-through tracking.

eMails can be one of a chain of eMails, with maybe a few days between each one, to better maximise the probability that your recipients will get your sales message.

eMails can also be throttled so that you will not get your email blacklisted and can be scheduled to only send emails when you, or your staff, are present to receive calls or process call backs.

You see, when a contact clicks on your email links, reads your landing page, or simply opens an email, you can have an instant call-back task created for you, or the assigned sales person.

“Hello Mr Jones, I noticed you were interested in our benefits PDF document. Would you like me to go through it in more detail with you?”

All of the XLRNT outbound marketing activities are known as “Promotions” and can be individually tracked and measured or can be analysed alongside other, similar, promotions to help you ascertain which style of promotion is more effective.

For more information have a look at the Campaigns link above.