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XLRNT has a facelift – documentation staff cry

March 11, 2010

During our closed beta, it became apparent that certain aspects of the user interface needed tidying up and a few forms redesigned to help make XLRNT more intuitive and easier to use.

Sadly, this resulted in much of our documentation from Alpha phases being out dated!

We have had to remove a few pages from the wiki ( and have also taken down the screencasts.

These will be back up around the time of the public beta, but may hold back on the bulk of this as the public beta may very well change things again!

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XLRNT Closed Beta Started

February 2, 2010

We are very please to announce that XLRNT version Two Point Oh has been released with about 20 customers on board. Hopefully this initial beta testing period will help iron out any bugs in the system and should get some new features in place based on customer feedback.

We are still on course for a Q2 release of a public beta/initial release.

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